History of the Green Bay Yachting Club

The history of the Green Bay Yachting Club begins about 15 years after the demise of the 2nd Green Bay 'Yacht' Club.
The 2nd Green Bay 'Yacht' Club flourished during the years 1903-1911 and existed until about 1920.
The 1st Green Bay 'Yacht' Club existed in 1872 but, currently little is known about it.

What can you say about a name? Well... the name is a significant part of our story.
The Green Bay Yachting Club was started in 1934 when a group of local boatmen desired to have a yacht harbor for small yachts and sailboats. They began as the Green Bay Harbor Advancement Association. The Green Bay Yachting Club, Inc. was incorporated on July 16, 1935 with a capital stock of 200 shares of common stock without nominal or par value.

Articles of Incorporation were executed by:
Harvey J. Lhost, Benoit Wittig, Walter M. Masse, Theodore R. Dost, Leland Gillespie, John A. Ebeling, and Milton F. Smith.

On October 16, 1936 the Articles of Incorporation were amended. Article III was changed to say that stock/asset proceeds go to the Sea Scouts if the club is ever disbanded. This change was adopted by 83 of 104 members present at a business meeting voting unanimously in favor.

This change was executed by:
Harvey J. Lhost (President/Commodore) and Frank J. Nickolai (Secretary)
Other Officers at the time included Benoit Wittig, Walter M. Masse,
Theodore R. Dost, Leland Gillespie, John A. Ebeling, & Milton F. Smith (1st Commodore). 

Early in 1940 the new name of Green Bay Yachting Club was incorporated while the Green Bay Yachting Club, Inc. was dissolved. The purpose of this change was to establish the club as a new non-stock, non-profit corporation and to try to keep the same business name.

In March 1940 notice of the first formal meeting of members was given from George Nau Burridge, Walter Masse, and Harvey Lhost. At the first formal meeting on March 14, 1940, officers and directors were elected, by-laws adopted, and all other matters acted upon.

Another defining name change occurred one more time and is the most recent change. On March 26, 1980 the Articles of Incorporation were Restated for the Green Bay Yachting Club, Inc. This change reestablished the original name that included the "Inc." part of the name. This provided for the continuation of the club under their original chosen name while maintaining the desired non-stock, non-profit corporation status. (Click here for summary notes of all the incorporations etc.)

G.B.Y.C. was formed to have a governing body. The club purpose is to provide suitable mooring and docking facilities, to provide a meeting place for boating activities, to instruct and encourage safe use and care of boats, navigation, and marine law. In the early days, the club sponsored the boy Sea Scouts and the girl Sea Scouts. Before 1939 members stood ready to help our local Coast Guard. The club has also cooperated with the Harbor Commission, City officials, Conservation Department, and other public officials in making surveys, conserving wildlife, and aiding in the carrying on of other public programs.

As of 2019 there has been 59 Commodores and three clubhouses.

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Green Bay Yachting Club, Inc.